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Starcraft Evolution- Scourge B: Tomahawk Strain
The Leviathan went to the next destination. This world was composed of three or four large continents. As another note, Kerrigan could also sense another psionic-like power emitting strongly from the planet.
"Remnant," Abathur zoomed into the planet along with Kerrigan. Together, they found forest where black creatures with white masks roamed around, resembling wolves and bears. They fighting among each other and pounding the ground as if something irritated them.
"Terran civilization infested by Grimm, strong appetite for destruction."
A loud screech could be heard from less than a mile away. A huge black Grimm resembling a raven descended from the sky, shadowing the Grimm on the ground. The Beowolves and Ursas converged onto the huge bird as it flapped its wings gently above a tall rock. With its talons clinging onto two tall points, it rested its wings while facing the sky.
"Nevermore," Abathur identified the Grimm creature. "Large flying assault unit. Highly durable, swoops in to a
:iconjason-jamey:Jason-Jamey 3 1
Starcraft Evolution- Scourge A: Volley Strain

Abathur: Scourge strain ready for augmentation. Scourge sequences reconstituted, require modernization. Experiments already in progress.

Kerrigan's Leviathan arrived at a test site for the new Scourges. This one took place not on a planet, but what looked like an established colony or base built within an asteroid field.
"Aegis System. R&D Ground, property of Time-Space Administration Bureau."
The Swarms leaders zoomed in on the test location. On three outer edges were established metal platforms within the asteroids, separated evenly on the outer edges of the field. Zerg air units including the old Scourges were already surrounding the stations.
"Zerg forces scouting area, minor engagements."
At one location, the Zerg were cut down very easily. A burst of several beams glowing with purple energy cut through the Mutalisks' bodies and wings. The dead former Mantis Screamers either crashed onto the asteroids nearby or drifted dead into the field. Overlords were pummeled by l
:iconjason-jamey:Jason-Jamey 3 3
AMF Hawk Moth Aerial Combat Drone by Jason-Jamey AMF Hawk Moth Aerial Combat Drone :iconjason-jamey:Jason-Jamey 1 0 AMF 4K / Frodo-class Assault Airship by Jason-Jamey AMF 4K / Frodo-class Assault Airship :iconjason-jamey:Jason-Jamey 0 0 AMF F-44 Phoenix Moth by Jason-Jamey AMF F-44 Phoenix Moth :iconjason-jamey:Jason-Jamey 0 3 AMF F-57 Antlion by Jason-Jamey AMF F-57 Antlion :iconjason-jamey:Jason-Jamey 2 5 ULJA City Duel by Jason-Jamey ULJA City Duel :iconjason-jamey:Jason-Jamey 7 0 Hawk and Crow 2 by Jason-Jamey Hawk and Crow 2 :iconjason-jamey:Jason-Jamey 1 0 Hawk and Crow by Jason-Jamey Hawk and Crow :iconjason-jamey:Jason-Jamey 1 0


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Moreover, I might even give a link to my series for you to read.

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Just found this article, which I can relate to and understand. I especially understand the exhausted kind of cynical and have nothing against them. The lazy, cynical is something I've experienced and some friends on here might've, too.

If you want to read the article, here's the link:…
Just got tagged by :iconlisanonomys:

You come up with a song for each letter of your username and tag just as many people.

Jingo Jungle- Myth & Roid
Anna ni issho datta no ni- See-Saw
Sis Anger- Babymetal
O2- Orange Range
Namida no Mukou- Stereophony
Jackson- Johnny Cash
Aozora no Rhapsody- Fhana
Meteor- T.M. Revolution
Eternal Blaze- Nana Mizuki
Yava- Babymetal

I tag:

:iconhexidextrous: :iconaikiyun: :iconlilian-dalca: :iconredwolf5207: :iconbosquiandeathace: :iconsakkysa: :iconwisekarasu: :iconcrullix2016: :iconneogoki: :icongaroslaw:
For Death Scythe, here's a list of terms found within the series.

Pseudo-Scythe: Many of the world's failed attempts to imitate the original Scythes, yet are used by armed forces everywhere. They are not necessarily limited to powered armor, rather applies to anything with mechanical limbs such as large mecha. Even these have sub-classifications that can also be applied to actual Scythes:
  • Armor-Scythe- Powered Armor
  • Motor-Scythe- Motor vehicle/robot hybrid, uses a motor engine
  • Pesti-Scythe- Multi-legged Robot, i.e. spider tanks
  • Mini-Scythe- Mini-mecha
  • Mecha-Scythe- Large mecha, includes bipedal tanks
  • Aero-Scythe- Aircraft/robot hybrid, uses jet turbine
  • Astro-Scythe- Scythe designed for space
  • Auto-Scythe- Automated Scythe, unmanned weapons
  • Aqua-Scythe- naval vehicle/submersible hybrid, uses motor engine

Scythian Drive- The core of a true Scythe, always made of at least one "Reactor" and one "Terminal." These two components are usually fused into one, but some are equipped with multiple reactors or have the two components two separated entities.

Scythian Terminal- The main AI and computer of the Scythes. Its basic functions are monitoring the status of the Scythe and safeguarding the Scythe from unauthorized users. Terminals are limited to one per terminal, though decentralized Terminals are possible.

Scythian Reactor- The main power source, usually a spherical reactor with glowing neon colors. The ideal reactor provides limitless energy potential, but various types were made with different performance. This energy takes the form of SD Particles.

SD Particles- A.k.a. "Scythian Drive Particles," undiscovered particles that give true Scythes their abilities. Depending on the Drive and how the Scythe utilizes it, they can vary in colors, strength, and properties. They usually deploy an SD Particle Field that envelopes the Scythe, providing both protection and cloaking from all types of sensors.

Scythian Alloy- Special alloys that integrate and conduct SD particles. They provide extra protection and SD particle manipulation abilities by linking to the Terminal.

Nano-Scythe- Nanomachines made of Scythe technology. They allow Scythes to be partially deployed and take up other forms besides a mere suit (i.e. form weapons and fuse with the human body).

Seal- The main container for a Scythe, composed of a pendant. The back of the pendant has an unassisted machine that generates a pocket dimension, designed to store a Scythe for safekeeping. The Scythe doesn't always have to be stored in the Seal, but it will automatically release itself if its user or Seal is in danger.
When the Scythe is deployed, the Seal detaches from the user and attaches itself to either the Scythian Drive or rear. 
Because the Scythe would usually attach from behind, it must be turned behind the user when deploying the Scythe immediately upon release. The 0-Scythe follows a similar method, having many grippers to bound itself to the protagonist. Scythes made of Nanos are an exception since they accumulate into the suit's form.
Seals also take a variety of symbols, shapes, and colors, could with a Model Number for the sake of identification.

Encased Form- A special compact form for certain Scythes, existing as a circular case. It unpacks itself to envelop the user into the Scythe.

Spike- Unmanned drones controlled by the Scythe user, they are named after their spike-like shapes. They are only made for combat and distinct by their melee and kamikaze attacks.

Whistle- Unmanned drones, similar to Spikes. The main distinction their lack of melee attacks, rather the use of ranged attacks and utility purposes.

Con-Field- A.k.a. a Condensed SD Particle Field, it's extremely hard to penetrate than normal since the hardness increases quadratically with the density of SD Particles.


This may updated as I list out more information about the series.
During the past couple months, I've been developing a new story that's undergone rapid development. This is thanks to looking into Infinite Stratos and various mecha shows, especially Gundam 00. Thus gave birth to a new story called Death Scythe.

The synopsis is as follows:
Three years ago, nine strange powered armor weapons struck various targets around the globe that resulted in global instability. With international mobilization hampered and crushed, the world is in a state of chaos while the machines continue to roam free. The users of the weapons refer to them as "Scythes," but because of their destruction across the globe, they're also referred to as Death Scythes. Even in the present day, the world's nations still have no means of fighting them, instead are at war with each other, ranging from minor trifles to resource conflicts.

That is until an incident in the now-isolated and warring Korean Penninsula, nearly conquered by the Northern regime and renamed the People's Unified Republic of Korea. Kim Ki attends high school in Daegu, one of the only remaining "free" cities not under PUROK control. He ends up caught in a terrorist attack by pro-regime forces and stumbles upon an extraordinary encounter. Unlike the Death Scythes and the recently developed "Pseudo-Scythes" that attempt to imitate them, Kim encounters a true Scythe never seen before. Wielding the weapon, he's set on an inevitable path that'll change human history once again.


I created this story because I wanted to take a spin on the Infinite Stratos series. The first one would be what'll happen if a world like that ends up going horribly wrong or takes a darker turn than the given plot. You can also say, because of the many Gundam influences, it integrates more of Gundam's themes, from war not being pretty to many people being killed off.

Furthermore is the influence to Gundam 00. Before Gundam 00, Gundam SEED gave a world where a handful of Gundams ended up stopping all war and preventing humanity from destroying itself. 00 gives us what that series and Gundam itself would be like in a modern-day setting.

Death Scythe will do the same for a specific mecha series I wanted to break down that ended with the world burning while a handful of dysfunctional women lived peacefully elsewhere. This story would put that into a more realistic light. As you'd guess, all of the Death Scythe pilots are women who set the world ablaze and gave rise to a group that will put them down, setting aside all other consequences.

This'll take the form of a light novel and right now, I've set up the structure for Book 1. Since light novels are supposed to be 30,000-40,000 words and less than 200 pages, this should be a much easier time than writing the script for ULJA.

Furthermore, I got a list of Scythes, inspired by the various mecha series and other shows similar to IS. I'll be sure to write those up someday.
Just found this article, which I can relate to and understand. I especially understand the exhausted kind of cynical and have nothing against them. The lazy, cynical is something I've experienced and some friends on here might've, too.

If you want to read the article, here's the link:…

Starcraft Evolution Expansion: Hydralisk 

No deviants said Hunter Killer strain Starcraft Evolution- Hydralisk A: Hunter KillerFinally, the next evolution mission. I don’t own Starcraft or Blood+.
Hydralisk Evolution Mission​
Abathur: Hydralisk strain ready for augmentation...again. Potential sequences heavily fortified, requires infiltration. Many hydralisks sent, surrendered willfully to native civilizations, ready to acquire essence. Await your command.

Strain #1: Hunter Killer
The Leviathan warped through another wormhole. Since their location was said to be heavily fortified, Kerrigan instructed the Zerg not to get too close to the test site. That test site’s location also made her uneasy once they got there.
“Another Earth?”
This Earth was much like that from the previous test.
However, Abathur briefed, “New species of interest discovered.”
Kerrigan and Abathur projected to the “fortified location”. Passing through the clouds, their view discovered an island distant from the mainland. They could easily see many guards, fences, and even a
No deviants said Cyberlisk strain Starcraft Evolution- Hydralisk B: Cyberlisk strainI don’t own Starcraft or Vandread.
The Leviathan entered through another wormhole. Abathur warned Kerrigan to maintain even greater distance from this planet since it had far more developed capabilities. It was still a human world, a core human world actually, but it wasn't Earth. Instead, this was something that was quite...interesting.
“Planet Mejere. Home to space empire, composed of all-female terrans.”
The two zoomed in on the extremely resource-rich planet, full of modern and crystal structures. It looked well-defended as several fleets of sleek and shiny ships remained in orbit. There were also few blocky ships, something the Terrans would develop just like how the Protoss may have made the shiny ones.
Kerrigan zoomed in on the planet, breaching the clouds and went into an underground research facility. It was circular in shape, but there was a blocky extension, about a few miles from the lab center. Once she breached the hull, she could see much o


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How big do you think the ships in Nanoha are, besides the Saint Cradle. I am trying to design some specs for the ship mentioned below, and it could be something "twice as large, three times faster and three times more heavily armed than anything the TSAB has" - Peter

I am thinking it would be dubbed the Nautilus class as reference to the ship Captain Nemo used. Peter alone didn't design it and managed to gain the help of others like Rakshata Chawla and Anna Clément to help with suggestions and input for design ideas. 

I am thinking on the final design of a advance warship that Peter has been having constructed in secret on Earth (its parts and components created at various off world locations under different names before being smuggled to earth for assembly) with the means of operating in space, air and even in sea with stealth capabilities to hide its existence more easily.  

I have been looking at ship designs like the Resurgent Class Star Destroyer from Star Wars, USS Vengeance, and the Scimitar-class ship from Star Trek to create a vessel with a focus on quality than numbers since no more than one can be produced. 

Because of lacking the proper numbers to properly crew it the ship is designed with heavy automated capabilities, so if need be a small crew could operate the ship. It could launch specially designed or modified Knightmare Frames which a special space/air compliment was made that could transform into a fighter and back into a Knightmare Frame.
Jason-Jamey Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2017
Judging by how I see it, I think it'll be around an average of a little less than 100m wide and 350m long. Those are my predictions really. Judging by how modern cruisers are today, I took it that TSAB cruisers were twice as big.
Sephiroth12285 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I see that makes sense and I’ll include it into the design.

Now, what about the PMs I sent you?
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I got them and I’ll be reviewing them soon. I just need time to put my thoughts together.
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